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The Squamish Brackendale Rally Cross Club & Interior Rally Sport Association have partnered up to create the longest and most diverse rallycross championship in BC history.


Starting on April 2nd, the championship kicks off in beautiful Pemberton, BC with the first of ten events. Five events will be held in Pemberton with the following five being held at Thunder Mountain Raceway in Kelowna.


Points from both venues will be combined with the driver’s seven best results being counted towards the championship.


Registration for the championship couldn’t be easier! Just follow the registration form on either website and be sure to select ‘I want to register for the BCRXC’


All championship competitors will be given a special set of door number decals and a chance to prove themselves against some of BC’s finest grassroots motorsport enthusiasts.


At the end of the championship, one driver from each class will be crowned as the BC Rallycross Champion at the award ceremony in Kelowna, BC.



A $10 one time fee will be applied to cover the cost of your exclusive door stickers.


Registering for the championship doesn’t mean that competitors have to make it to every event, but the best seven results will be counted.


Both venues each have their own specific set of rules, so be sure to read through the supplementary regulations to avoid any issues on race day. See link for Interior Rally Sport Association at bottom of page.


There are two classes able to participate: AWD & 2WD


If for any reason a competitor isn’t able to complete the championship in the same vehicle, the same class vehicle must be used for further events. Class changes mid championship are prohibited. RWD & FWD vehicle changes will be exempt from this rule as they both fall within 2WD class. *A $25 decal reprint fee will be required anytime a new vehicle is registered to an existing BCRXC competitor*


At this time we will not be allowing side by side/UTV class to participate in the championship as the introduction of this class is still in it's infancy and competitor numbers are expected to be lower for this class than for AWD & 2WD.

Championship Points Breakdown

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